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Voice-related Services

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We provide the following voice-related services in case you are searching for Korean interpreter:

  • Voice-over Services
  • Dubbing
  • Subtitling and Captioning

Need a voice over Korean translator? Linguatech is a major voice-over/dubbing/subtitling/captioning service provider in India. Voice-over services are required when an audio in a video, presentation, online
educational programs, or promotional ad needs to be customized for foreign audience.
Linguatech provides voice-over/dubbing services to many films/documentary producers, advertising companies, and other businesses. We provide voice-overs and dubbing services for the following types of media:

  • Corporate Presentations
  • Movies
  • Documentaries
  • TV/Radio Commercial Ads
  •  Educational Programs
  •  Training Courses
  •  Narratives
  •  Jingles
  •  Instructional Guides and German translator

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