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No matter how much technology advances, the demand for translators and interpreters are skyrocketing. They perform the task of making Earth feel smaller, isn’t it? When we talk about our service, Linguatech’s translators and interpreters have similar job description, with a little difference. Our interpreters convert any spoken form of content to another language, while our translators convert written docs in other language in the same way it is written. Whether, you are looking for a translator, interpreter or translator interpreter who can perform both, we have vast experience in the same. Some of the interpreter services we offer:

  • Telephone interpreting by our Chinese interpreter, Russian translator interpreter, Korean, French, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Arabic and major Indian language interpreters
  • Consecutive interpreting in settings where one interpreter serves as the intermediary between two parties
  • Simultaneous interpreting for conferences, meetings, and other events where two or more languages are required

We believe when you are in a business conference or courtroom, there is no next chance in interpreting. Thus, a communication breakdown is an opportunity lost! Don’t let that happen. Contact us for any translation and interpretation service.

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