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Have a video clip in Bengali that you want to share with people around the world in English? Do you want a Japanese language audio file to be transcribed in Spanish? Are you posting reviews in French language or conducting online educational courses with foreign students in their language? We have got you covered. Linguatech is proud of its team of experienced Spanish translator interpreter, Russian translator, French interpreter and all major Asian language experts who can offer audio-to-text or video-to-text transcript as per requirement.

Our extensive network of foreign language transcriptors all over the globe will interpret and transcribe your documents and data accurately, on time. Linguatech’s transcription service offering the following benefits:

  • Enhancing the experience for audience whose native language is not English
  • Time-synced text with video helping viewers with hearing disability
  • Localize content and broadens audience base
  • View-ability is not affected due to low sound quality or noisy places
  • Boosting online traffic, SEO and video views

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