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Engaging your business associates, suppliers, employees and customers across different languages is a big responsibility and you cannot achieve this without clear communication. Linguatech professional localization service offers high-quality, effective solutions with which you can offload translation and localization jobs while paying attention to important business initiatives.

Localization process has become one of the proven ways to attract more business opportunities by altering the features and attributes of a product or service to make it apt for people living in that particular country or state. If you have launched your startup in Tamil Nadu, you need Tamil translator interpreter to dig into customers’ mind. Similarly, a globally run food chain with businesses in the Middle East, Italy or Spain requires websites in different language and without an Arabic translator interpreter, Italian translator and Spanish interpreter you will not be able to attract customers dwelling in those countries.

Linguatech offers the following localization services to its customers:

  • Software Localization

Helping companies customize their software as per target countries. It helps in increasing their international market share and also makes their software popular among non-English speaking users.

  • Website Localization

We are offering website translation/localization services to customers who want their websites in one or multiple foreign languages. Website localization helps in boosting traffic to a website, and helping companies to expand its customer base in foreign markets.

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