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Content Development

Linguatech provides quality content services to clients from India and across the world. Our content writers are proficient in writing articles, blogs, or news stories on a variety of topics including science and technology,

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Searching for the best language translator and interpreter? You can avail the best in town with us. We have an expertise over 15 years that help others in the job of their choice. We promise to serve all your purposes with the help of expert

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Linguatech provides one of the finest translator and interpretation services for various languages. If you were searching for the best Chinese translator, you are sure to get one at an affordable rate from here.

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Interested in fluency to speak other languages at par with your mother tongue? Or needan interpretation from the language that is unknown to you? Here we are to help you inall ways so that there arises no problem while your work is in progress.

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Looking for a localized Russian interpreter who can help you? Localization is theprocess of altering the attributes of a product/service to make it suitable for people livingin a specific region.

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Linguatech provides voice-over/dubbing services to many films/documentary producers, advertising companies, and other businesses. We provide voice-overs and dubbing services for the following types of media:

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Transcriptions or creative translation is the art of blending simple word-to- word translation work with new adapted content. In transcription, the translator has the liberty to convey the meaning of original text in new words in the target language.

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