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Asian Languages

There is a wide variety of language spoken throughout Asia. These are comprised of different language families and some unrelated isolates. The major language families spoken on the continent include Altaic, Austroasiatic, Austronesian, Caucasian, ravidian, Indo-European, Siberian, Siberian, Sino-Tibetan and Tai-Kadai. They usually have a long tradition of writing.

American Languages

American English, the English language as spoken in the United States. Indigenous languages of the Americas, languages spoken by indigenous peoples from North America and South America. Spanish is the second most common language in the country. There are many languages indigenous to North America or to U.S. states or
holdings in the Pacific region.

Indian Languages

The languages of India primarily belong to two major linguistic families, Indo-European (whose branch Indo-Aryan is spoken by about 75 percent of the population) and ravidian (spoken by about 25 percent). Other languages spoken in India are mainly from the Austro-Asiatic and Tibeto-Burman linguistic families, as well as a few language

Middle Eastern Languages

The five top languages, in terms of numbers of speakers, are Arabic, Persian, Turkish, Kurdish and Hebrew. Arabic and Hebrew represent the Afro-Asiatic language family. Persian and Kurdish belong to the Indo-European language family. Turkish belongs to Turkic language family. About 20 minority languages are also spoken in the Middle East.

East European Languages

The linguistic and cultural diversity of Central and Eastern Europe is one of the richest on the continent. Many people in large cities and tourist areas speak English. However, the languages of these countries are beautiful, fascinating, and important to national identity. Other languages include - Russian, Czech, Polish, Croatian, Slovak, Hungarian, Serbian etc.

Western European Languages

Western European languages mostly fall within two Indo-European language families: the Romance languages, descended from the Latin of the Roman Empire; and the Germanic language, whose ancestor language (Proto-Germanic) came from southern Scandinavia. Romance languages are spoken primarily in the southern and central part of Western Europe.

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Our Process

  • Meet & Agree
  • Idea & Concept
  • Translate
  • Deliver

You need to explain both requirements and the context of your work and discuss any specialist terms that may arise. Terms and a timetable should be agreed in advance. Translators usually charge per certain number of words, though most translators also have a minimum fee. A charge per hour may be levied in some instances, if appropriate. When you agree the translation rate for documents, you should ask whether it includes a charge for proofreading. If it does not, the rate charged needs to be agreed. It is important for the translator to ensure that the translation is consistent in style and terminology and of a high quality throughout.

Our idea and concept is to involve the work of a professional linguist/translator, usually a native speaker or one who has studied the target language extensively. In this process, we focus on professional conduct, confidentiality, competence, impartiality, accuracy, clarity of role boundaries, maintaining professional relationships, professional development and professional solidarity. As far as translating and interpreting qualities are concerned, we concentrate on business skills, cultural sensitivity, dexterity, interpersonal skills, listening, reading, speaking and writing skills.

Translation process involves the work of a professional linguist/translator, usually a native speaker or one who has an extensive knowledge over the target language. The translator will translate the original text into a version that reflects the spirit and meaning of the original tone and style suitable for the target reader. The second step involves a professional editor whose job is to review, refine and make the first translator’s work perfect to fit the technical expressions of the subject matter and making sure the proper punctuation, use of grammar and other elements of the target language are met. The third and final step is for a professional project manager to review the final work ensuring that it is in the correct format and ready for delivery to client.

We provide comprehensive, high quality, efficient, confidential and professional interpreting and translating services. With over so many years of experience, we have developed linguistic and technical expertise in over 100 languages and dialects. We have extensive knowledge of the interpreting and translating fields, and are highly focused on understanding each client’s individual requirements and providing quality services and products in a timely manner.