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Asian Languages

There are a several languages spoken all over Asia. And as the GDP for Asian Countries like China, Japan and Korea are rocketing, the demand for Chinese translator interpreter, Japanese interpreter and Korean translator are increasing. Global companies are reaping benefits of the favorable business environment in Asian market and thus, are largely relying on Linguatech Translation Services.

American Languages

Although, majority of people speak English in North and South America, the second most spoken language is Spanish which is followed by Mandarin and French. Translating Spanish, Mandarin and French documents into English and vice versa is not an easy task until you know about the people living here. Spanish people living in USA is culturally different that people living in Spain. So, just translating the language isn’t everything, translating by keeping particular people in kind is essential.

Indian Languages

India is a land of diversity and so are its languages. If you need a Bengali document to be translated in Tamil or a Hindi audio file to be translated in Gujarati, Linguatech can offer all these with its exceptional Indian languages translation service. It has diverse regional language professionals right from Hindi translator to Tamil interpreter who execute every project with minute precision.

Middle Eastern Languages

Whether you need an English academic assignment translated in Arabic or a Hebrew website translated in English, Linguatech has expert team to help you with. The mostly spoken languages in Middle East are Arabic, Hebrew, Persian and Kurdish. We all know how marketers benefit from Arab nations’ duty free policy and hence, a large number of investors from abroad are venturing into the Middle Eastern market. Language Assistance is a must in order to get profitable ROI.

East European Languages

Eastern European countries like western Russia, some parts of Germany, Croatia, Poland, Hungary, Greece and Turkey are among the counties where foreign investors take a great interest. But, you cannot make a firm grip into the east European market until you connect to the people culturally. We have professional Russian interpreter, German translator and major Eastern European language experts.

Western European Languages

The UK, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Ireland, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Monaco, Switzerland are some of the countries that falls under Western Europe. Linguatech doesn’t just convert words from one language to another, its team of French translator interpreter; Portuguese interpreter; Italian translator, etc. possesses thorough knowledge of the subject and thus provides you end results that exceed your expectation every time.

Content Development

Linguatech provides quality content services to clients from India and across the world. Our content writers are proficient in writing articles, blogs, or news stories on a variety of topics including science and technology,

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Searching for the best language translator and interpreter? You can avail the best in town with us. We have an expertise over 15 years that help others in the job of their choice. We promise to serve all your purposes with the help of expert

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Linguatech provides one of the finest translator and interpretation services for various languages. If you were searching for the best Chinese translator, you are sure to get one at an affordable rate from here.

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Interested in fluency to speak other languages at par with your mother tongue? Or needan interpretation from the language that is unknown to you? Here we are to help you inall ways so that there arises no problem while your work is in progress.

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Looking for a localized Russian interpreter who can help you? Localization is theprocess of altering the attributes of a product/service to make it suitable for people livingin a specific region.

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Linguatech provides voice-over/dubbing services to many films/documentary producers, advertising companies, and other businesses. We provide voice-overs and dubbing services for the following types of media:

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We nestle hundreds of language professionals fluent in their mastered language who can translate, localize, test and train as per your business requirement. If you are planning to venture into Asian market, our Chinese translator interpreter, Korean translator, Japanese interpreter, Bengali, Hindi, Tamil and Urdu translator interpreter can help you get a grip over the market and connect to your customers. If you are about to train your employees to deal with companies in Europe and Russia, you can hire our Russian translator interpreter, German, Spanish and French translator interpreter at very affordable per hour rates. Besides, we can also translate any regional language into English. So, contact us today if you wish to improve business to business and business to customer communication.

Our Process

  • Meet & Agree
  • Idea & Concept
  • Translate
  • Deliver

You need to explain both requirements and the context of your work and discuss any specialist terms that may arise. Terms and a timetable should be agreed in advance. Translators usually charge per certain number of words, though most translators also have a minimum fee. A charge per hour may be levied in some instances, if appropriate. When you agree the translation rate for documents, you should ask whether it includes a charge for proofreading. If it does not, the rate charged needs to be agreed. It is important for the translator to ensure that the translation is consistent in style and terminology and of a high quality throughout.

Our idea and concept is to involve the work of a professional linguist/translator, usually a native speaker or one who has studied the target language extensively. In this process, we focus on professional conduct, confidentiality, competence, impartiality, accuracy, clarity of role boundaries, maintaining professional relationships, professional development and professional solidarity. As far as translating and interpreting qualities are concerned, we concentrate on business skills, cultural sensitivity, dexterity, interpersonal skills, listening, reading, speaking and writing skills.

Translation process involves the work of a professional linguist/translator, usually a native speaker or one who has an extensive knowledge over the target language. The translator will translate the original text into a version that reflects the spirit and meaning of the original tone and style suitable for the target reader. The second step involves a professional editor whose job is to review, refine and make the first translator’s work perfect to fit the technical expressions of the subject matter and making sure the proper punctuation, use of grammar and other elements of the target language are met. The third and final step is for a professional project manager to review the final work ensuring that it is in the correct format and ready for delivery to client.

We provide comprehensive, high quality, efficient, confidential and professional interpreting and translating services. With over so many years of experience, we have developed linguistic and technical expertise in over 100 languages and dialects. We have extensive knowledge of the interpreting and translating fields, and are highly focused on understanding each client’s individual requirements and providing quality services and products in a timely manner.